Burgers Extra Cheesey + 1 EURO | Makin Extra Bacon + 1 EURO

The Aussie 7.95
1/2lb Prime beef burger, crispy bacon, cheese, lettuce,tomato, onions, mayo & ketchup
The Brizzy 7.95
1/2lb Prime beef burger, cheese, jalapenos, lettuce, onions & our‘Brizzy Chilli Sauce’
The Melbourne Melt 7.95
1/2lb Prime beef burger, cheese centre, tomato,topped with fried onions & grilled beetroot, mayo & our very own‘Bonzer BBQ Sauce’
The Outback 9.95
1/2lb Prime beef burger topped with pulled pork, bacon, cheese, lettuce, mayo, ketchup & our‘Outback Sauce’
Queensland Red 7.95
1/2lb Prime beef burger,red cheddar,red lettuce, caramelised red onions,tomato all topped off with our scratch made ‘Redrock Sauce’
The Great White 11.95
1lb of Prime beef burger, 4 slices of bacon, double cheese, lettuce, onions, mayo & ketchup. It’s a monster!
The Warpig "NEW" 10.75
1/2 prime beef burger, pulled pork, bacon, pork sausage, cheese, caramelised onions, lettuce, and of course the one,the only "Baconnaise".
Billabong Bacon "NEW" 8.95
1/2lb Prime beef burger,triple bacon, double cheese, pickles, onion finished with our scratch made "Baconnaise"
The Chook 7.95
Freshly marinaded chicken fillet straight from the BBQ served with lettuce, onions,tomato & mayo
Cockadoodle Cajun "NEW" 11.95
2 freshly marinaded chicken fillets in cajun spices, topped with cheese, caramelised red onions, tomato, lettuce & our in-house ‘Cajun Mayo’
Black Sheep 9.15
1/2lb Lamb burger, cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato all topped off with cucumber mayo
The Vejjo V 6.50
Vegetarian burger,tomato, lettuce, onion, mayo & ketchup

Meat Boxes

The Original 9.95
1/2lb Prime beef burger, chicken fillet, organic pork sausage or pulled pork
Holy Tommorah 15.95
Rack of BBQ ribs, 2 pork sausages, pulled pork, caramelized red onions & corn on the cob served with our "Redrock Sauce"
The Honey Badger "NEW" 16.95
Double Rack of BBQ Ribs,Double Sausage,Double Pulled Pork, Chicken Tenders and two dips of your choice.
The Chook Box 9.95
Corn fed chicken fillet, 4 chicken wings & 2 chicken tenders.
The Beast Box 13.95
Marinaded chicken fillet, 1/2lb prime beef burger, organic pork sausage, pulled pork & a chicken skewer served with salad. For a beastly appetite.
Aussie Surf & Turf 16.95
1/2lb Prime beef burger, BBQ salmon steak, with a choice of organic sausage or pulled pork

Wraps Make it a Monster for 4.95 extra

Pulled Pork Wrap 5.85
Slow roasted pulled pork, dry slaw, lettuce & our Outback Sauce.
Outback Wrap 9.95
1/2lb Prime beef burger, pulled pork, bacon, caramelised red onion, lettuce & our Outback Sauce
Chook Tender Wrap 5.85
Freshly made chicken tenders, lettuce, red onion & mayo
Chook Wrap 6.35
A freshly marinaded chicken fillet wrapped up with lettuce, onion & mayo
Brizzy Wrap 6.00
Freshly marinaded chicken fillet served with lettuce, onion, mayo & our "Brizzy Chilli Sauce"
Cockadoodle Cajun Wrap "NEW" 10.00
2 marinaded chicken fillets, lettuce, caramelised onion, dry slaw and our amazing Cajun mayo.


BBQ Salmon Steak GF 12.95
Fresh Salmon Steak lightly seasoned & seared on the BBQ served with a fresh salad box, marinaded Prawn Skewers and Lemon
Shrimp on the Barbie GF 2.50
Freshly prepared prawns marinated & cooked over the hot coals

Aussie Dipz

Garlic Mayo (Amazing with our fries) 1.00
Outback Sauce 1.00
Redrock Sauce 1.00
Cajun Mayo 1.00
Baconnaise 1.00


The Hogg Boss 9.45
1/2lb of Pulled Pork slow roasted on the spit for 8 hours served with dry slaw, lettuce & topped off with our signature "Outback Sauce" all served in a toasted roll
Steak Sandwich 14.95
Minute Steak cooked over the coals, served on a toasted roll, brushed with garlic butter & topped with fried onions, mushrooms & our house made "Garlic Dippy"
Snag Dawg 7.95
Keep it simple with two 1/2lb sausages, mustard, ketchup, diced white onion, served in a toasted bread roll.

Down Under Wings Ourfreshly cooked wings coated in the house made sauce of your choice:

Bonzer BBQ Wings 6.75
Brizzy Chilli Wings 6.75
Foo Kin Hot Wings "NEW" 6.75
Treat Yo Badself and Double Those Wings 11.75

Aussie Fries

Garlic Cheese Fries "NEW" 5.35
Our awesome Garlic Dippy poured over our boomerang fries and topped with grated cheese and some chopped spring onions because you know, salad and stuff.
Pulled Pork and Bacon Fries "NEW" 5.85
We top our amazing fries with pulled pork AND Bacon, Baconnaise, Garlic Mayo and grated cheese.
Boomerang Fries GF 3.00
Freshly cut Potatoes, double fried in duck fat & dusted with boomerang seasoning.
Sweet Potato Fries GF 4.00
Hand cut sweet potato fries.
Chunky Fries GF 3.25
Hand cut chunky potato fries.

Bit on the Side

Bondi Ribs GF 8.15
Double rack of marinated ribs straight off the BBQ
Tasmanian Tenders 6.55
Freshly prepared strips of chicken breaded in herbs served with salad & "Garlic Dippy"
Corn on the Cob GF 2.85
A full corn on the cob wrapped in foil with butter, salt & pepper cooked over the hot coals.
Rainbow Slaw GF 3.00
House made coleslaw with our mix of red cabbage, white cabbage, carrot and mayo